Parking Toolkit

Parking Strategies to Support Livable Communities

As one of the largest single land uses in our municipal "footprints," parking deserves more attention than is typically bestowed upon it. Besides encouraging auto use, having such a large supply of parking influences the character, form, function and flow of our communities. It makes walking and bicycling unpleasant and unsafe, it adds to flooding and pollution problems, and it makes housing more expensive. At the same time, parking is necessary to support a community's local businesses; finding the right balance between supply and demand—as an economist would—is the next step.

Step-by-Step Guide to Municipal Reform of Parking Policies

Parking Strategies report

This report (PDF) is provided to help communities address their parking concerns with the end goal of making our communities more livable. The long-range GO TO 2040 plan specifically recommends parking management strategies and pricing to encourage the development of livable communities, and this guide will help municipal governments determine the appropriate steps for addressing their unique challenges. The paper explains how to do a parking survey, how to effectively engage stakeholders, and describes more than a dozen strategies to manage parking; it also takes a detailed look at the costs of parking structures and available financing mechanisms.