Algonquin-Cary Subarea Plan

May 30, 2018

Algonquin-Cary Subarea Plan

Update: The Existing Conditions Report is available for review.

After decades of quarry mining, several parcels of land along the IL Route 31 corridor will soon become suitable for development. These sites are located along the boundary between the Villages of Algonquin and Cary alongside several unincorporated areas. CMAP’s Local Technical Assistance (LTA) Program and the Villages of Algonquin and Cary are collaborating to develop a subarea plan that will establish a long term vision for the quarry sites and surrounding area and identify desired land use and development concepts.

Building on recent planning efforts in Downtown Algonquin as well as the Village of Cary’s recently adopted Comprehensive Plan, the Algonquin-Cary Subarea Plan will also evaluate project phasing and implementation strategies. These could include, but are not limited to utility coordination and economic development partnerships (such as a tax sharing agreement) that will be beneficial to both communities. The project will be founded on robust community engagement to ensure that the end product is driven by the needs and vision of the community, including residents, business owners, property owners, and other community stakeholders.

Areas of Focus

Key areas of focus for the planning process include the following:

Parks and Recreation

The Cary Park District is considering plans for continuing the build-out of its 265-acre Hoffman Park which forms the northern border of the study area. The McHenry County Conservation District (MCCD) has recently created a plan for activating its Fox Bluff conservation area along the Fox River. MCCD has provided a letter of support for the planning process and the Village of Cary has developed a positive relationship with the Cary Park District. The plan will focus on ways to maximize the use of these recreational assets and how future development of the IL Route 31 corridor can tap into their potential. The Three Oaks Recreation Area offers a nearby example of how former quarry sites have been converted into a regional recreation destination and this case study will be further evaluated.

Transportation & Infrastructure

The Villages of Algonquin and Cary have a mutual interest in seeing the study area develop strong bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure including linkages to their respective downtown business districts. Planning is also needed regarding utility and service connections as much of the study area is located a significant distance from current public infrastructure.

Economic Development

Both communities have an interest in encouraging development along IL Route 31 to broaden their respective tax bases. As highlighted in the Downtown Algonquin Planning Study (2009), there is a significant lack of daytime employees within a five-minute drive of Downtown Algonquin as compared with several other neighboring communities. As a component of potential future development, there is a desire for the area to serve as an economic engine that supplements the daytime customer base for restaurants and shops in other commercial areas.

Project Timeline

The following scope of work is designed to be completed in approximately 16-18 months; however, the timeline can change as the project progresses. All dates are approximate and may be revised depending on time requested by project partners to accommodate additional community outreach or time to review interim deliverables.

Public Engagement

There will be numerous opportunities for the public to provide input and participate throughout the planning process. The Villages of Algonquin and Cary, in partnership with CMAP, will embark on a series of workshops and meetings with various community stakeholders and residents and incorporate local input to the planning process. 

Upcoming Activities

Saturday, September 14, 2019
Cary Main Street Fest
108 W Main St, Cary, IL

Saturday, September 21, 2019
It's Our Fox River Day
Algonquin, IL

Past Activities

Tuesday, August 6, 2019
National Night Out
Cary, IL

Thursday, August 1, 2019
Algonquin Summer Concert
Towne Park, 100 Jefferson St, Algonquin, IL


Online Survey

CMAP developed an online survey for the Algonquin-Cary Subarea Plan in order to engage a broader audience on what they would like the quarry sites and surrounding area to be in the future. The survey encouraged residents to provide feedback on themes, strategies, and their vision for the subarea. In total, 871 residents completed the survey, which was open for comment from April 22, 2019 to June 3, 2019.


Visioning Workshop (May 15, 2019)

A public visioning workshop for the Algonquin-Cary Subarea Plan was held on May 15, 2019, at St. John's Lutheran Church in Algonquin. The workshop began with a brief presentation by CMAP staff to provide an overview of the planning process and key findings from the existing conditions phase. Then participants divided into three groups in which they responded to a series of questions outlined in a discussion guide. Participants discussed ideas related to the environment, parks, recreation, economic development, and transportation. The groups then took part in a mapping activity where they used examples of different development, preservation, and open space options to develop a vision for the subarea.


Community Workshop 
Monday, July 23, 2018
7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Cary Park District Community Center
255 Briargate Road
Cary, IL 60013

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Algonquin-Cary Subarea Plan Existing Conditions Report