A Zoning Ordinance for Bensenville

Dec 16, 2015

A Zoning Ordinance for Bensenville

In the past decade, the Village of Bensenville has experienced several, unique challenges that have impacted its development character, economy, and social fabric. In response to these challenges, Bensenville has demonstrated extraordinary foresight in understating initiatives that look at short- and long-term revitalization strategies for its industrial areas, commercial corridors, downtown, and aging infrastructure. The Village recently created and adopted the Bensenville Comprehensive Plan and has already undertaken initiatives towards implementation by adopting a Homes for a Changing Region Plan in 2015. Now – in order to better align the Village's zoning ordinance with the comprehensive plan, other recent planning documents, and current land use practices – Bensenville is updating its zoning ordinance regulations.

With support from CMAP's Local Technical Assistance (LTA) program, this zoning ordinance update will be built around a community-based process that reflects the interests and needs of both residential and commercial property owners, as well as other community stakeholders. Key themes of this ordinance update will include removing barriers to green practices, promoting sustainable development, and creating favorable conditions for the implementation of the Village's current planning documents. In particular, regulatory revisions will focus on updating the Village's zoning districts; permitted uses; parking and loading; landscaping and buffering; signage; and administrative provisions.

This planning process consists of four main phases. The first phase focuses on existing conditions, including an assessment of the current ordinance, as well as stakeholder and public engagement. During the second phase, initial recommendations for zoning code changes will be created and vetted with the project's steering committee and Village staff. Third, a comprehensive revision of this ordinance will occur with an emphasis on making the regulations more user-friendly both for government and the business community. Finally, the fourth phase will present the document for public review and approval.

Public Engagement

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The Community Development Commission of the Village of Bensenville will hold a public hearing concerning adoption of the a new Village Zoning Ordinance.


This new ordinance will comprehensively amend the current Village of Bensenville Zoning Ordinance. Certain zoning districts and regulations in the current ordinance have become outdated. The new zoning ordinance will address this issue while ensuring that all of the land throughout the Village is zoned to enhance property values, encourage the most appropriate uses, and foster a pattern of compatibility among its residential, commercial, and industrial areas for the mutual benefit of everyone in the Village.


The Village encourages you to attend the hearing and stop by Village Hall for additional information. All persons in attendance at the hearing shall have an opportunity to be heard. Further information and a copy of the new ordinance will be available for review at Village Hall Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. You can also review a draft of the ordinance on this webpage.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018
6:30 – 8:00 pm
Village Hall Board Room,  12 S Center St, Bensenville, IL 60106




Scott R. Viger, Director of Community & Economic Development, Village of Bensenville (sviger@bensenville.il.us or 630-350-3411)
Jacob Seid, CMAP Project Manager (jseid@cmap.illinois.gov or 312-386-8646)

For more on the project and upcoming events, follow CMAP's Twitter feed at @ONTO2050 and hashtag #CMAPLTA for the latest updates.
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