Chinatown Parking Management Study

Chinatown Parking Management Study

Update: CMAP published the results of the turnover survey, showing how long cars remained parked over the course of seven hours on a weekday.

After developing an award-winning Community Vision Plan for Chinatown, the Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community (CBCAC) followed through on recommendations to pursue a parking study, and applied to the LTA program to conduct it. The Vision Plan identified parking challenges in Chinatown and hoped that a plan for parking would help to balance diverse community and business needs, while taking a multimodal approach to moving people around the community.

This project will walk the community through the steps outlined in CMAP's report "Parking Strategies to Support Livable Communities," which explores how parking impacts community vitality and how to understand and solve different parking challenges. The Chinatown Parking Plan will identify strategies to make the experience of getting around the area safe and enjoyable for people using all modes of transportation. Once complete, the plan will recommend strategies and policies to address identified parking problems by building on the community's assets and supporting them. The plan will cover a range of topics including but not limited to traffic congestion, parking pricing, parking availability, and active transportation.

The planning process will include three phases. The first phase will involve a thorough analysis of the existing conditions within the community using information gathered through one-on-one stakeholder interviews, steering committee meetings, review of previous studies, and collection of maps and data. Phase two will focus on creating strategies for Chinatown’s parking management plan based on findings from the first phase analysis and a public workshop. The final phase will combine efforts from previous phases to create the parking management document containing policies, programs, and action steps intended to help the community achieve the future vision.


Outreach & Engagement

A Public Visioning Workshop was held on Monday, April 8th, 2019. Approximately 65 attendees participated in group activities to discuss values and a vision for the future of Chinatown's transportation and parking issues. Safety and quality of life were central themes for the night. The presentation slides are available for download in English and Chinese

The public will have several opportunities to participate in the planning process. CBCAC and CMAP will embark on a series of meetings and activities with residents and community stakeholders to solicit and incorporate local input to the planning process. For our first public engagement efforts, we interviewed people on the street (mostly in English, some in Chinese) to ask about their transportation habits and preferences. Our second engagement activities included an interactive polling session with 4 classes at the Pui Tak Center, including English as a Second Language classes and Citizenship classes. 

We encourage you to visit this web page regularly for updates and opportunities to participate in the development of the parking plan. The results of these events will be included in the existing conditions report.

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Phase 1: Project Orientation (May - Jun 2018)

Phase 2: Assessment of existing conditions (July - January 2019)

Phase 3: Research and visioning (February - May 2019)

Phase 4: Development of draft plan (May - August 2019)

Phase 5: Final plan and implementation (Beginning September 2019)


Debbie Liu, Community Development Coordinator, Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community

Lindsay Bayley, CMAP Senior Planner ( or 312-386-8826)


Please stay tuned, this page will be updated as project materials, including draft deliverables, meeting summaries, and presentations, are created.




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