Evanston Bike Plan Update

Evanston Bike Plan Update

Evanston applied for assistance in 2012 for an update to their 2003 Bicycle Plan. The years following the 2003 plan featured an increase in bicycle ridership and the installation of 38 miles of bike lanes and other facilities. The Evanston bicycle network features a wide range of users, from Northwestern University students to seniors out for a leisurely ride by the lake. The update to the Bicycle Plan will help the City realize a goal of upgrading and expanding the existing network with the latest best practices to accommodate the variety of skill levels in ridership and to ensure safety for both riders and pedestrians. The City wishes to further promote bicycling as a lifestyle element and the update will provide recommendations for new policies, programs, and projects to assist Evanston in doing so. 


For more information contact info@cmap.illinois.gov or 312-454-0400.

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