Fox Lake

Fox Lake Greenways and Bikeways Plan

Update:  The Greenways and Bikeways Plan was adopted by the Village Board in April 2013.

In 2011, the Village of Fox Lake was awarded assistance from CMAP to create a Greenways and Bikeways Plan. Fox Lake sits at the heart of one of the busiest inland recreational waterways in the country. As a resort community located one hour from Chicago, Milwaukee, and Rockford, the Village of Fox Lake nearly triples in population during the summer months as visitors flock to the area's lakes, parks, and preserves. However, the Village faces challenges in linking its recreational resources, residential neighborhoods, public buildings, local businesses and the community's Metra station. The Village's recently-completed Comprehensive Plan noted a need for a bicycle and pedestrian network that  consists of more than a series of isolated and disconnected trails and paths. Mobility goals described in the Comprehensive Plan were incorporated into the Greenways and Bikeways Plan. An overarching goal of the Greenway and Bikeways Plan is to introduce a connective network of both bicycle and pedestrian trails that provide residents and visitors access to the Village's downtown, lakefront areas, parks, employment, shopping, public buildings, and other popular destinations. 


Jack Pfingston, CMAP Senior Planner ( or 312-386-8617)

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