A Plan for the Garfield Park Kedzie Avenue Corridor

Mar 4, 2014

A Plan for the Garfield Park Kedzie Avenue Corridor

Update:  This project was completed in July 2014.

The City of Chicago is developing a Kedzie Avenue Corridor Plan for its Garfield Park neighborhood on the west side of the city. The plan will address housing stabilization, business attraction and retention, job creation, transit access, youth development, and public safety.  Plan recommendations will focus on public health by providing improved access to an interconnected trail/sidewalk system and diverse food options.  Building off community assets such as the iconic Garfield Park Conservatory, innovative Inspiration Kitchen, various businesses and community services, and a growing arts community, the plan will help create a more attractive neighborhood that is safe, provides access to CTA rail and bus facilities, and transforms vacant and underutilized properties into more appealing locations for economic development.  

The Kedzie Avenue corridor project study area stretches from the Metra Union Pacific West Line on the north to I-290 to the south, as well as Homan Avenue on the west and Sacramento Avenue on the east.  For more details about the Kedzie Avenue Corridor Plan, visit www.kedziecorridor.wordpress.com.


For more information contact info@cmap.illinois.gov or 312-454-0400.

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