Sustainability Planning for Lake County

Nov 14, 2013

Sustainability Planning for Lake County

In October 2014, the Lake County Board adopted the sustainability chapter amendment to its Regional Framework Plan. 

Lake County, Illinois is committed to promoting a sustainable environment that enhances its vitality and residents' quality of life. Lake County has demonstrated this commitment by adopting the promotion of a sustainable environment as one of the County's strategic goals, and its work toward that goal has included initiatives to increase energy efficiency, promote sustainable building practices, reduce waste, and perform water supply planning.

Located between Cook County, Illinois and the Wisconsin state border, Lake County benefits from an abundance of natural assets. Its strengths include over 29,000 acres of open space in the Lake County Forest Preserve District, as well as Lake Michigan along the County's eastern border. With help from CMAP's Local Technical Assistance (LTA) program, the County has built upon its past efforts to create a Sustainability Chapter amendment to the Lake County Regional Framework Plan.

This Sustainability Chapter reflects the goals set forth in the Regional Framework Plan, advancing the County's strategic goal of promoting a sustainable environment. The planning process was formulated to involve County officials and staff, municipal representatives, and other stakeholders, ensuring that the end product reflects the interests of the County as a whole. The Sustainability Chapter offers policy recommendations to help the County achieve its sustainability goals, covering topics such as land use and development, transportation, water, waste, energy, open space, economic development, and more. The intent of the Sustainability Chapter is to guide decision-making in order to help Lake County realize its vision for a sustainable future.

Public Engagement

The public had multiple opportunities to learn about and give feedback on the sustainability chapter amendment.  Community stakeholders and residents attended a Public Open House on Thursday, June 12, 2014 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Lake County Central Permit Facility in Libertyville.  During this open house, participants stopped in for as long as they chose to review and learn about the draft Sustainability Chapter.  County and CMAP staff were present to answer questions.

The first occasion for stakeholder input occurred on Wednesday, June 13, 2012, at a public meeting held at the Lake County Central Permit Facility in Libertyville. Participants learned about the proposed topics for the Sustainability Chapter, and also shared their thoughts about the strengths and opportunities for improvement in Lake County.


This project was completed in October 2014.


Kristin Ihnchak, CMAP Senior Planner ( or 312-676-7462)

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