Lansing Comprehensive Plan

The Village of Lansing applied to CMAP's Local Technical Assistance (LTA) program in 2011 for assistance with updating their 1995 Comprehensive Plan. The Plan is intended to help the Village achieve specific results including:

  • Inform reuse of village owned and underutilized lots around the downtown Ridge Road corridor
  • Improve the transition from the downtown commercial core into surrounding single family neighborhoods.
  • Guide future development in underutilized auto oriented commercial parcels.
  • Examine existing land use plans and integrate extensive transportation infrastructure.
  • Review and update appropriate village code and ordinances.

The Plan will also be closely coordinated with similar comprehensive planning initiatives in neighboring Lynwood and Calumet City. Each of these communities border Indiana, providing a rare opportunity to communicate across state line regarding planning issues. 

For more information on Lansing's Comprehensive Plan, visit the external project page

Final Deliverables

Existing Conditions Report