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Mar 16, 2016

A Planning Priorities Report for Richmond

UPDATE: The Richmond Village Board accepted the Richmond Planning Priorities Report on December 1, 2016. Download the final report.

The Village of Richmond is located within McHenry County, approximately 54 miles to the northwest of Chicago's Loop and to the south of the Wisconsin border. First settled in 1837, Richmond is currently home to an estimated 2,042 residents. Although its total population grew by almost 72 percent between 2000 and 2010, Richmond takes pride in its small town charm and "Village of Yesteryear" feel. For more demographic information, please see the Richmond Community Data Snapshot.

The Village of Richmond requested technical assistance from the Chicago Metropolitan Planning Agency (CMAP) to help with planning for the Village's future. With support from CMAP's Local Technical Assistance (LTA) program, the Village will study the full range of opportunities, assets, and needs in Richmond, to help determine what type of planning is most important for the Village to undertake next. The project will culminate in a "planning priorities report" that provides recommendations for planning priorities and/or implementation actions for the Village.

The report will be developed over approximately six months. The first phase will involve an analysis of existing conditions, using information and public input gathered by CMAP staff in collaboration with the Village as well as other data focused on the community's demographics, economic health, and transportation system. This analysis will be summarized and initial recommendations will be created and vetted with Village staff and officials. The final phase will include the creation of a consensus-based planning priorities report containing near-term strategies for the Village's leadership and appointed officials.

Public Engagement

Public outreach and community engagement are essential to the creation of Richmond's planning priorities report. CMAP will conduct stakeholder interviews and focus groups to gather and incorporate local input.

Stay up-to-date on the project by visiting this project page or by emailing your contact information to Maggie Jarr ( to be placed on the project email list.

Implementation Updates

CMAP, in partnership with the Urban Land Institute (ULI Chicago), convened a panel of development experts in July 2017 to provide guidance and advice to the Village of Richmond on ways to address development challenges in their downtown area as well as on key sites, including the former Hunter Golf Course along IL Route 173. Download the summary of this discussion. 



Scott Drabant, Village Trustee ( or 815-701-1030)

Maggie Jarr, CMAP Project Manager ( or 312-386-8693)

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