South Elgin

South Elgin Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Update: The plan was adopted by the Village Board in June 2014.

In 2012, the Village of South Elgin requested assistance to develop a bicycle and pedestrian plan for the community.  This plan follows the recent adoption (in July 2012) of a new comprehensive plan, in which the Village transportation network and, more specifically, the role of walking and bicycling facilities, were discussed as a critical component to residents' mobility, livability, and health.

The Village's 2030 Comprehensive Plan outlined several goals and objectives regarding walking and bicycling facilities. One such objective states that the Village should "develop a bike and pedestrian plan that includes potential bike routes, paths and lanes." It is this objective that the Village is seeking to fulfill through this project.  The plan will expand on the needs identified in the Comprehensive Plan, as well as provide an action plan for walking and bicycling facility improvements – including identifying locations for sidewalk, bicycling facilities and crossing improvements.  Prioritization of specific projects will be a part of the plan.  Finally, the plan will include new policies and changes to existing Village policies related to the inclusion of walking and bicycling facilities within new improvements and developments.

Final Deliverable

Existing Conditions Report

South Elgin Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (Adopted by the Village Board in June 2014 and incorporated as part of the Village Comprehensive Plan, as Appendix D here.)



John O'Neal, Project Manager, Transportation Planner, CMAP ( or 312.386.8822)

Stacey Meekins, AICP, Senior Planner, Sam Schwartz Engineering ( or 773.305.0800)

Marc McLaughlin, Community Development Coordinator, Village of South Elgin ( or 847.741.3894)

Megan Golden, Deputy Village Administrator, Village of South Elgin ( or 847.742.5780)