SSMMA I-57 / I-294

South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association
I-57 / I-294 Interchange Land Use and Economic Development Plan

Update: This project was completed in February 2014.

In 2011, SSMMA sponsored a project application to the Community Planning Program on behalf of five municipalities in the direct vicinity of the new I-57 / I-294 interchange being constructed in southern Cook County.  This multijurisdictional project – including Dixmoor, Harvey, Markham, Midlothian, and Posen – resulted in a land use and economic development plan, designed to help the five communities and the supportive regional and state agencies to plan appropriately for the changes that will occur due to the new interchange (including new land uses, changes in traffic patterns, and resulting infrastructure needs).  The final deliverable of this project is a plan that provides recommendations to the five participating municipalities for land use and economic development actions to be taken, specifically regarding redevelopment that can occur on key sites throughout this study area.

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News Coverage

I-294/I-57 interchange area development planning kicks off, SSMMA News, October 11, 2012

Final Deliverables

Existing Conditions Report

Final Plan