Steger Planning Priorities Project

Mar 24, 2015

Steger Planning Priorities Project

Update: The final Planning Priorities Report was accepted by the Village in November 2015.

The Village of Steger is a tightly knit community located on the border of Cook County and Will County. Steger is at an important point in its history, with the need to consider opportunities for development and redevelopment. In order to improve its economic vitality and quality of life for its residents, the Village is undergoing a project to prioritize the main issues it should address in the future and to formulate a plan of action.

With support from CMAP's Local Technical Assistance (LTA) program, this planning priorities project will reflect the diverse interests and needs across Steger. Key themes of the resulting report will include infrastructure improvements; residential maintenance and rehabilitation; economic redevelopment; and efficient governance. Overall, the project should allow the Village to pursue funding sources and future planning endeavors to implement the report's recommendations with a clear understanding of the relative importance of various issues and opportunities.

This planning process, which is designed to be completed in approximately nine months, consists of three main phases. The first phase researches what matters are of most importance to the Village, including local and regional stakeholder engagement. During the second phase, initial recommendations will be created and vetted with Village staff and officials. The third phase will include report creation, community feedback, and adoption.



Mike Tilton, Village Administrator, Village of Steger (

Jonathan Burch, Project Manager, CMAP ( or 312-386-8690)

For more on the project and upcoming events, follow CMAP's Twitter feed at @GOTO2040 and hashtag #CMAPLTA for the latest updates.

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