A Multimodal Transportation Plan for the University of Illinois at Chicago

Nov 11, 2013

A Multimodal Transportation Plan for the University of Illinois at Chicago

UPDATE: The Multimodal Transportation plan was approved (July 2015).
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Located in Chicago's near west side community, the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) campus, including its integrally-linked Illinois Medical District, abuts the residential and commercial neighborhoods of Greek Town, Little Italy/University Village, and Tri-Taylor. Thousands of people visit the campus daily and may encounter a number of transportation challenges. These include outdated and missing signalization, inadequate facilities for people with disabilities, an incomplete bike route network, and a lack of bus shelters and user facilities such as bus stop benches and bike racks.

CMAP's Local Technical Assistance (LTA) program and the Active Transportation Alliance are helping UIC embark on an interactive, community-based process to create a multimodal transportation plan. The transportation recommendations of UIC's 2010 Campus Master Plan will serve as the framework to examine current conditions and plan future improvements. The intent of the multimodal transportation plan is to improve the flow of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles in and around campus to better serve the needs of all travelers, including persons with disabilities.

The planning process, developed in collaboration with the UIC Office of Sustainability and the Campus Master Plan Implementation Committee, involves four phases over the next 12 months. The first phase will entail information-gathering, utilizing a detailed existing conditions report and user input. The second phase will focus on strategy development, identification of key challenges and opportunities, and the development of draft concepts and solutions. The third phase will involve the development of a draft transportation plan that will be reviewed by UIC students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The fourth and final phase will be the presentation of the final report to UIC for adoption and implementation.

On-line Survey Opportunity

Map comments received as of 1/22/14: Zoom in and click on the icons to see what has been said so far or open the map in a new window.

As of January 22nd, 2014, respondents have identified nearly 1,100 points of interest or concern on a map. The interactive survey was open from October 31st through January 31st.

Public Engagement

On Wednesday, February 12, two visioning workshops were held on UIC's campus.  At the workshops, participants shared their transportation experiences and brainstormed ideas about how to make UIC a safer and more accessible campus. 

On Wednesday, February 26, a focus group was held at the Chicago Lighthouse.  At this session, participants discussed accessibility issues with transportation on and around UIC's campus, and offered suggestions about how to improve universal access throughout the area.

Please check back for a summary of these workshops.

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UIC Multimodal Transportation Plan Existing Conditions Report

UIC Multimodal Transportation Plan Existing Conditions Report: subsections


Katherine Yoshida, UIC Office of Sustainability (kyoshi3@uic.edu)

Lindsay Bayley, CMAP Senior Planner (lbayley@cmap.illinois.gov or 312-386-8826)

Samantha Robinson, CMAP Associate, Outreach and Community Engagement 

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