2018 Municipal Survey

2018 CMAP Municipal Survey

To measure demand for different types of technical assistance that CMAP makes available through its Local Technical Assistance (LTA) program, inform policy analysis of such topics as transportation funding and management, and help track implementation of regional goals, CMAP conducts a biennial survey of municipal governments. 

The response rate for the 2016 survey was outstanding- with over 80% of the region's 284 municipalities responding.  CMAP looks forward to another great response this year and thanks you in advance for your contributions to this important effort.   

Survey submittal options



Mayors and managers will be emailed links to the 2018 survey on June 1.  The survey will close on Friday, June 29

It is recommended that municipalities assign one individual the role of "Survey Shepherd" to ensure responses are gathered from relevant staff and successfully submitted, as it is not expected that one person will necessarily know the answers to all questions.  An analysis of survey responses will be distributed by CMAP in Winter 2018.