Prior Plans

Historical Regional Transportation Plans for Northeastern Illinois

The 2030 Regional Transportation Plan for Northeastern Illinois, adopted in October 2003 and subsequently updated,was the last in a series of regional transportation plans developed by the Chicago Area Transportation Study. CATS published seven long-range plansfrom its inception in 1955 until it was superseded by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning in 2006. Archive copies of previous transportation plans and several updates may viewed below.*

Chicago Area Transportation Study, Volume 3 (PDF, 24 MB)

This plan, with a horizon year of 1980, was adopted in 1962. The study area primarily covered Cook and DuPage Counties. Volumes I and II included pioneering technical analysis in urban transportation.

Regional Transportation Interim Plan and Program (1971) (PDF, 7 MB)

This plan expanded the study area to six counties in northeastern Illinois and two counties in northwestern Indiana. Aviation and freight planning were included as components of the plan.

1995 Transportation System Plan (1974) (PDF, 4 MB)

This plan was adopted by CATS and the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC) as their respective regional transportation plans. This plan was the first adopted in the context of federal requirements based on the original CATS model for metropolitan transportation planning.

1995 Transportation System Plan (1976 Update) (PDF, 5 MB)

This plan was the first adopted as an update to a previously adopted long-range plan, now a standard practice.

Year 2000 Transportation System Development Plan (1980) (PDF, 8 MB)

This plan put increasing emphasis on financial capacity and public involvement in the planning process.

Year 2000 Transportation System Development Plan (1981 Update) (PDF, 1 MB)

The focus of this update, composed of supplementary material, was to demonstrate the need for additional financial resources for transportation in an era of cutbacks.

Year 2000 Transportation System Development Plan (1984 Update) (PDF, 7 MB)

This plan was a reprint of the plan adopted in 1980, but incorporating updates adopted in 1981 and 1983.

2010 Transportation System Development Plan for Northeastern Illinois (1990) (PDF, 5 MB)

This plan continued to reflect limited financial resources for meeting future transportation needs, but also some progress on major project recommendations. The plan included several "Corridors of the Future."

2020 Regional Transportation Plan (1997) (PDF, 10 MB)

This plan reflected increased emphases on public involvement, fiscal constraint, and environmental concerns. The plan included several "Corridors for Further Study."

2020 Regional Transportation Plan (2000 Update) (PDF, 11 MB)

This update maintained the direction of the original 2020 RTP, and complied with federal regulations then in place requiring an update every three years.

2030 Regional Transportation Plan for Northeastern Illinois (pdf, 3.0 MB; as adopted October, 2003)

The 2030 Regional Transportation Plan was first adopted by Policy Committee Resolution 03-09 in October, 2003.

2030 Regional Transportation Plan for Northeastern Illinois (pdf, 5.5 MB; Updated as of June 2008).

The capital element of the 2030 RTP was updated in 2006, and the strategic element in 2007. Periodic amendments continued through 2008, when CMAP's focus turned fully to developing GO TO 2040.

Below are maps of proposed capital projects and strategic systems associated with the 2030 RTP:

Map of Major Capital Projects (pdf, 8.8 MB)
Strategic Regional Arterial System (pdf, 1.0 MB)
Strategic Freight System (pdf, 2.5 MB)
Strategic Transit System (pdf, 6.6 MB)
Strategic Bike-Ped System (pdf, 12MB)