Regional Tax Policy Task Force

Regional Tax Policy Task Force

Created by the CMAP Board to make recommendations on state and local tax policy matters addressed in GO TO 2040, the Regional Tax Policy Task Force met from April 2011 to January 2012. It was charged with advising the CMAP Board on issues central to state and local fiscal policy, viewed through the lens of the regional economy, sustainability, equity, and the connections between tax policies and development decisions. The task force existed to advise the CMAP Board, and had no statutory or independent authority.

After ten meetings and extensive staff-supported research, the task force prepared an advisory report, which the CMAP Board received at its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on February 8, 2012. (See the bottom of this page for earlier drafts of the report.) As recommended by GO TO 2040, the task force evaluated policy issues such as existing state and local revenue sharing arrangements, the connection between the sales tax and development decisions, the connection between the tax base and tax rates, the property tax, the state income tax, and the divergences in local tax capacity across northeastern Illinois.

The GO TO 2040 comprehensive regional plan states that:

"Tax policy should encourage local decisions that make effective use of land, generate good jobs, and trigger sustainable economic activity. It should set high standards of transparency and predictability for the taxpayer. And it should not create large inequities across households, businesses, and local governments. By reforming state and local taxation, the region would benefit from new policies that help to advance rather than undermine GO TO 2040's goal for sustained regional economic competitiveness."

Now that the task force has completed its work, the CMAP Board is guiding additional research into the issues raised by the task force report and by GO TO 2040. Watch the CMAP Policy Updates blog for information about significant developments.

Task Force Members

The CMAP Board ensured a balanced membership made up of representatives from state, county, and municipal government, academia, civic organizations, and business. The Board approved the appointment of Frank Beal, Executive Director, Metropolis Strategies, as chair of the Regional Tax Policy Task Force. On behalf of the region, CMAP is grateful to each of the task force members for their service.

Zahra Ali, Director, Cook County Department of Revenue
Paul Braun, Mayor, Village of Flossmoor
Barry Burton, County Administrator, Lake County
Karen Darch, President, Village of Barrington
Paul Fisher, President, CenterPoint Properties Trust
Larry Hartwig, Mayor, Village of Addison
Tom Johnson, President, Taxpayers' Federation of Illinois
Mike Klemens, Manager, Office of Policy & Communications, Illinois Department of Revenue
Dan Long, Executive Director, Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
Daniel McMillen, Department of Economics and the Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois
Laurence Msall, President, Civic Federation
Chris Nash, Assistant Budget Director, Office of Budget and Management, City of Chicago
Michael Pagano, Dean, College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, University of Illinois at Chicago
Donovan Pepper, Senior Manager, Government Relations, Walgreen Co.

Earlier Drafts of the Task Force Report

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