Transportation Improvement Program

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is metropolitan Chicago's agenda of surface transportation projects. The TIP lists all federally funded projects and regionally significant, non-federally funded projects programmed for implementation in the next five years. The TIP is updated and amended regularly through the CMAP Transportation Committee.  Amendments are posted on the committee minutes page for public comment one week prior to committee consideration.  Major project changes with the potential to affect the region's air quality undergo a conformity analysis, and are approved by the MPO Policy Committee.

The TIP helps both the transportation community and the general public track the use of local, state, and federal transportation funds. The TIP also helps MPO members, other transportation implementers, and planning organizations establish a transportation program that implements the goals of ON TO 2050

For more information about the TIP and individual projects, see these related pages:

TIP Data includes the online TIP database, interactive mapping tools and data summaries. 

TIP Documentation includes the full text of the TIP, Obligation Reports, and state and federal approval documentation.

TIP Programmer Resources includes forms, instructions, and other resources for programming and implementing agencies

TIP Schedules and Approvals includes the current TIP Schedule and Approvals. Documentation of past TIP program approvals is found in the TIP Archives.

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