TIP Data

Aug 5, 2013

TIP Data

eTIP Database and Interactive Map

The eTIP database, implemented in April 2016, contains all of the details about approved TIP projects, a record of TIP amendments, and search tools for locating projects geographically and by project or funding type. Programming and implementing agencies utilize this database to manage project implementation.  Ainteractive map of projects included in the current TIP is also available. Projects are displayed throughout the region by project type, with summary information. For help and an explanation of terms used in eTIP view the eTIP Help page.


Traffic and Transportation Data

The CMAP Data page provides links to many transportation data sources including traffic, modeling, population forecasts, and census data .

Transit Data

The Regional Transit Asset Management System (RTAMS) is a data warehouse created and maintained by the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) for planning and financial information on the transit system in the northeastern Illinois area surrounding Chicago. RTAMS also allows users to access transit and other related data, such as demographics and political jurisdictions, through an interactive map.

Local Transportation Programs

Provides links to Programming Agency web sites for planning, capital improvements and construction projects.

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