TIP Programmer Resources

TIP Programmer Resources

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eTIP User Guide - Updated October 2018

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eTIP Training - April 2017

Part 1: Navigating eTIP and Submitting TIP Changes
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Part 2: Finding and Using Project Information
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eTIP Fact Sheet: Project Versions and Status
eTIP Fact Sheet: Amendment Flow

Understanding Program, Project, and Amendment Versions and Status
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Using the eTIP Public Website
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Mapping Projects and Attaching Documents
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Generating, Reading, and Understanding Financial Constraint Reports
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Understanding Obligation Information (for non-transit users)
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Completing the TIP Programming Form
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Schedules and Due Dates


ON TO 2050 Amendments

The ON TO 2050 Comprehensive Regional Plan includes a set of fiscally constrained Regionally Significant Projects (RSPs). These projects support the plan’s three principles of inclusive growth, prioritized investment, and resilience, particularly emphasizing the need to use the region’s limited resources to invest in existing infrastructure to modernize and improve condition to achieve a state of good repair.

Availability of new revenues, and/or sufficient advancement through the project development process may require interim evaluation of select projects. This memo lays out an amendment process for proposed additions to the ON TO 2050 fiscally constrained project list. 

IDOT Information

IDOT Forms and Manuals & Guides can be found on the IDOT Resources web page.

IDOT Construction Letting & Bidding information, Professional Services, and Land Acquisition can be found on the IDOT Procurements web page.

IDOT - "It Takes Time..." web page.

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