TIP Programmer Resources

TIP Programmer Resources

eTIP Database User Information

eTIP database secure login page

eTIP User Guide

TIP Work Types List - Updated 4/21/17

TIP Fund Sources

TIP Quick Change Reference

Advanced Construction Processing Information

Planning Liaison Programming Responsibilities

Subregional Councils

List of Programming Contacts

eTIP Training - April 2017

Part 1: Navigating eTIP and Submitting TIP Changes
  Presentation | View webinar Recording (2:48)
Part 2: Finding and Using Project Information
  Presentation | View webinar Recording (1:25)

eTIP Fact Sheet: Project Versions and Status
eTIP Fact Sheet: Amendment Flow

Understanding Program, Project, and Amendment Versions and Status
  Presentation | View Webinar Recording (21:49) | Download (.mp4 | 35 MB)

Using the eTIP Public Website
  Presentation | View webinar Recording (26:19) | Download (.mp4 | 55 MB)

Mapping Projects and Attaching Documents
  Presentation | View webinar Recording (21:08) | Download (.mp4 | 50 MB)

Generating, Reading, and Understanding Financial Constraint Reports
  Presentation | View Webinar Recording (32:33)

Understanding Obligation Information (for non-transit users)
  Presentation | View Webinar Recording (32:38) | Download (.mp4 | 68 MB)

Completing the TIP Programming Form
  Presentation | View Webinar Recording (47:24) | Download (.mp4 | 88 MB)

Schedules and Due Dates


Major Capital Project Amendments

IDOT Information

IDOT Agreement Processes for Federally Funded Projects (DIPIPDF1) or State Funded Projects (D1PIPDF2)

IDOT - "It Takes Time..." webpage

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