GIS Training

CMAP offers a low-cost, introductory, hands-on workshop focusing on the basics of ArcGIS 10. The Introduction to ArcGIS workshop is taught by CMAP staff with expertise in ArcGIS over the course of two days and introduces participants to basic GIS concepts and geoprocessing functions. Class sizes are kept small and limited to nine participants which allows for a flexible, informal teaching method and ample opportunities for questions and discussion.

Workshop Format: Each day of the 2-day Introduction to ArcGIS workshop will begin promptly at 9AM and will end at 4PM with a 1-hour lunch break. All workshops are held in the CMAP office in the Willis Tower and laptops with ArcGIS software will be provided for students to use over the course of the two days. Please review the course syllabus PDF before registering for the workshop in order to gain a better understanding of what you will learn in this class and to determine if the content covered is fitting for your skill level.

Cost: The cost of the 2-day workshop is $350 per person and includes a workbook with sample CMAP data to practice the ArcGIS skills learned in the workshop at home.

Register: For more information on scheduled workshop dates please contact Jessica Matthews at or (312) 386-8635.

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