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Abundant and high quality water resources play an essential role in sustaining economic prosperity and environmental health in our seven-county region. While Lake Michigan and groundwater aquifers currently provide clean water, their capacity to serve the region's needs is not limitless. In addition, many of the region's waterways have been degraded by development practices that have disrupted the natural water cycle. 

As the Chicago region grows, it is critical that water and natural resources are conserved and used efficiently.  CMAP and its partners are involved in the following areas of water resource planning.

Water Supply

As our region grows, it is critical that water resources are conserved and used efficiently.  Learn more about regional Water Supply Planning, including the Water 2050: Northeastern Illinois Regional Water Supply / Demand Plan.   CMAP supports an integrated approach to water supply planning and uses Water 2050 and ON TO 2050 to guide programming. 

Water Quality

As the delegated Areawide Water Quality Planning agency for the region, CMAP works with local governments and stakeholders to conserve and restore the region's water resources to help achieve the four goals of the Areawide Water Quality Management Plan (Volume 1 and 2).  Read more about regional Water Quality Planning.

Stormwater and Flooding

Stormwater crosses jurisdictional boundaries, and the amount of stormwater runoff generated is heavily influenced by land use and transportation.   Read more about local and regional planning for Stormwater and Flooding.


CMAP has compiled and maintains a variety of resources related to these water issues, including a Stormwater Planning Data Inventory with a list of datasets that can inform local and regional analyses of flooding issues.

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