Wastewater Planning

Wastewater Planning

Community growth and development dictate the need for adequate public wastewater infrastructure. Planning for wastewater services can have strong ramifications for the quality of the region's waters which directly impacts the quality of life of communities. In Illinois, the Facility Planning Area (FPA) planning process is used to examine issues central to wastewater treatment and planning.

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), under federal and state law, is charged with evaluating issues key to wastewater treatment service in northeastern Illinois to ensure they meet regional goals. These include reducing pollutant discharges to the region's waters, using energy efficient technologies to decrease demands on the environment, ensuring adequate water supply for communities as they expand, and protecting diverse social and ecological landscapes through green infrastructure practices. Final authority of wastewater issues is ultimately approved by the Illinois EPA.

CMAP's Facility Planning Area Procedures Manual and Amendment Application is designed to guide users through the FPA review process. Typical requests include proposed changes to current water-treatment (FPA) boundaries, expansions of wastewater treatment facilities, and other water quality management plan amendments to ensure consistency with the federally-approved Illinois Water Quality Management Plan. Additional resources to guide potential applicants may be found on CMAP's Resources page.

FPA Boundary Maps

Facility Planning Area (FPA) maps depict the boundaries of wastewater service areas for the seven county region and are intended to provide information to municipal units of government, planners, engineers, and the general public. An FPA is defined as a centralized sewer service area to be considered for possible wastewater treatment facilities within a 20-year planning period. These areas also include the treatment cells, storage area, and land application area for treated wastewater, if applicable. Digital shapefiles of FPA boundaries in the greater northeastern Illinois area can be downloaded by visiting the

CMAP Data Hub, which displays all IEPA approved FPA boundary amendments as of April 1, 2014. In addition, the map interface below can be used to identify and download relevant USGS topographic quadrangle maps showing FPA boundaries.


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Apply for a Water Quality Management Plan Amendment

CMAP recommends that prior to initiating an FPA request, potential applicants contact Jason Navota at jnavota@cmap.illinois.gov or 312-386-8750. Note that a fee of $10.00 per additional acre of service area is required to process the application. When you're ready to apply, print and fill out the Facility Planning Area Process and Procedures Manual and Amendment Application then mail one copy to the CMAP Wastewater Committee c/o Jason Navota, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, 433 West Van Buren Street, Suite 450 Chicago, Illinois 60607. Please include the appropriate fee payment via check or money order made out the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.