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Seven-county region adopts GO TO 2040, metropolitan Chicago's first comprehensive regional plan since Burnham

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, October 13, 2010 -- Leaders of metropolitan Chicago's seven counties today voted to adopt GO TO 2040, the region's first comprehensive plan since Daniel Burnham's in 1909. Designed to guide development and investment decisions through mid-century and beyond, the plan's implementation will now be led by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), which was formed for this purpose in 2005 at the urging of local elected officials and business leaders.

GO TO 2040 exists as two documents: full-length plan that is for policy experts, and a shorter plan that is for broader audiences. Both versions call on local officials, businesses, and other stakeholder groups to implement recommendations that -- while very specific -- have broad implications for residents' daily lives. The plan seeks to strategically align public policies and investments, maximizing the benefits of scarce resources as the region adds more than 2 million new residents by 2040.

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