GO TO 2040 Support Statements

GO TO 2040 Support Statements

U.S. Senator Richard J. Durbin
"The GO TO 2040 plan prepares us for the next 30 years in infrastructure and transportation developments, and it proposes a roadmap to help create jobs and grow the economy in the Chicago region. Repairing our rapidly aging infrastructure, improving access to jobs, cleaning the air and water around us, and keeping families in affordable housing are not just challenges for Chicago, they are regional issues. We need the right plan to make Northeastern Illinois the best place in the country to work and live."

Center for Neighborhood Technology
"The Center for Neighborhood Technology commends CMAP's GO TO 2040 plan for its innovative approach to ensuring our region focuses on building sustainable, livable communities. With the recommendations set forth in this plan, we can achieve that livability and foster economic development for years to come."

The Chicago Community Trust
"The Trust believes that the development of our region and the GO TO 2040 plan need to be based on objective data that can inform our decision making and measure the progress we need to make. To this end, the Trust has been working with CMAP to create the Regional Indicators Project and its MetroPulse website – which will be launched November 17. This project is a major step in fulfilling the GO TO 2040 recommendation to 'Improve Access to Information.'

As our region's community foundation, the Trust is proud to have been partnered with CMAP in developing the GO TO 2040 plan and MetroPulse. We look forward to continuing this partnership with CMAP in implementing GO TO 2040."

Jerry Roper, president and CEO of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
"The plan brings a level of certainty that is good for business. Implementing the GO TO 2040 plan will instill confidence by clearly defining the region's goals across a wide range of topics that affect economic competitiveness and quality of life. Business leaders appreciate the way CMAP has approached the broad-based challenges that shape our economic prosperity. The comprehensive plan gives metropolitan Chicago a competitive advantage over other regions that haven't taken such a long-term, strategic view."

Metropolis Strategies (formerly Chicago Metropolis 2020)
"CMAP's GO TO 2040 plan sets a sound course to an economically strong, environmentally sustainable region that we can all work together to achieve. It recognizes that integrated plans, policies and investments in land use, transportation and the environment are critical in creating a strong economy. GO TO 2040 and CMAP's subsequent implementation efforts will enable the region's diverse constellation of people, businesses and governments to make the Chicago region one of the greatest places in the world to live, work and invest."

Mayor Larry Hartwig of the Village of Addison, executive board chairman, Metropolitan Mayors Caucus
"As an organization that played a significant role in the creation of CMAP, the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus has a vested interest in GO TO 2040.  The Mayors of the Chicago region believe it provides an excellent framework for future discussion and action on key regional issues.  We applaud the CMAP Board, its staff and all who participated in the planning process for the great effort that went into this long-needed comprehensive policy plan."

Metropolitan Planning Council
"GO TO 2040 is northeastern Illinois' road map for more goal-driven, right-sized, and coordinated public investments that can leverage the private sector and help the region emerge stronger and wiser from this fiscal mess. MPC fully supports GO TO 2040's capital project prioritization, which sends an important signal that regional investments must be tied to tangible goals. We encourage bold action by CMAP and its many partners, who are key to GO TO 2040's implementation."

"GO TO 2040 outlines important recommendations for resource conservation and preservation of natural and open spaces to ensure that decades from now, the seven-county region will have the resources, habitats, outdoor areas and wildlife that enriches our everyday lives. Openlands, an organization dedicated to conserving nature for life, fully supports the GO TO 2040 plan and encourages the area's residents to work towards its implementation."

Regional Transportation Authority
"The Regional Transportation Authority believes that a strong commitment to public transit in northeastern Illinois is essential for the prosperity of our region, our environment and quality of life.  GO TO 2040 calls for such a commitment and for strategic investments that will bring about a 21st Century transportation system for the metropolitan Chicago area.  Our agency has worked closely with CMAP on GO TO 2040's long range plan to help ensure that regional objectives are advanced through our integrated transit planning with an emphasis on maintaining and modernizing our transit system."