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Priority Projects

Priority Capital Projects

To meet federal requirements intended to ensure "fiscal constraint,"GO TO 2040 includes a transportation financial plan that details how much funding is reasonably expected for all transportation investments between now and 2040. Major capital projects that have been evaluated to meet significant regional needs — and for which sufficient funds are anticipated to be available — are included in the list of "Fiscally Constrained Projects." While their costs are substantial, they represent less than three percent of the region's projected $385 billion available for transportation through 2040, with 97 percent going to maintenance and modernization.

While fiscally constrained projects are the highest priority, projects on the unconstrained list also have important benefits. Some of these are not far enough along to have firm cost estimates or clear alignment with regional priorities Others on the unconstrained list might benefit from innovative financing arrangements, which could reduce public costs and speed up implementation. In either case, a project may be reconsidered for inclusion on the fiscally constrained list upon availability of new details or changes in financing status.

Fiscally Constrained Projects

New Projects or Extensions
I-294/I-57 Interchange
Central Lake County Corridor (IL 53 North and IL 120)
Elgin O'Hare Expressway Improvements (including Western O'Hare Bypass)
CTA South Red Line Extension
West Loop Transportation Center
Illiana Expressway*

Expressway Additions and Improvements
I-190 Access Improvements
I-80 Add Lanes (US 30 to US 45)
I-88 Add Lanes
I-94 Add Lanes North
Circle Interchange improvements**

Managed Lanes and Multimodal Corridors
I-55 Managed Lanes
I-90 Managed Lanes
I-290 Multimodal Corridor

Transit Improvements
CTA North Red and Purple Line Improvements
Metra Rock Island Improvements
Metra SouthWest Service Improvements
Metra UP North Improvements
Metra UP Northwest Improvements and Extension
Metra UP West Improvements

Fiscally Unconstrained Projects

Central Area Transitway
CTA Blue Line West Extension
CTA Brown Line Extension
CTA Circle Line (Phase II, south)
CTA Circle Line (Phase III, north)
CTA Orange Line Extension
CTA Yellow Line Enhancements and Extension
DuPage "J" Line
Elgin O'Hare Expressway Far West Extension
Elgin O'Hare Expressway West Extension
Express Airport Train Service
I-55 Add Lanes and Reconstruction
I-57 Add Lanes
I-80 Add/Managed Lanes
I-80 to I-55 Connector
IL 394
Inner Circumferential Rail Service
McHenry-Lake Corridor
Metra BNSF Extension
Metra Heritage Corridor
Metra Electric Extension
Metra Milwaukee District North Extension
Metra Milwaukee District North Improvement
Metra Milwaukee District West Extension
Metra North Central Service Improvements
Metra Rock Island Extension
Metra SouthEast Service Corridor
Metra SouthWest Service Extension and Full Service
Metra STAR Line Corridor
Mid-City Transitway
O'Hare to Schaumburg Transit Service
Prairie Parkway
South Lakefront Corridor

* PLAN UPDATE: On October 17, 2013, the MPO Policy Committee voted to amend GO TO 2040 by adding the Illiana Expressway to the plan's list of fiscally constrained projects.

** PLAN UPDATE: On March 13 and 14, 2013, the CMAP Board and MPO Policy Committee voted to amend GO TO 2040 by adding Circle Interchange improvements to the plan's list of fiscally constrained projects and by changing the proposed Prairie Parkway description in the list of unconstrained projects.


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