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Modeling Data

The CMAP Travel Demand Models are a set of computational tools used to predict transportation system use under a variety of socioeconomic conditions and public policy scenarios.  

CMAP's Trip-Based Models

CMAP's current "trip-based" models are used to evaluate long-range regional planning strategies and to estimate transportation contributions to regional air quality. The results of these models also help transportation engineers design their projects for actual construction. Our "trip-based" method is widely accepted and is the primary approach used for metropolitan transportation planning nationwide.

The "trip-based" models are documented in support of CMAP's GO TO 2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan and required demonstration of Air Quality Conformity. The Travel Model Documentation Report describes the overall structure and flow of the CMAP trip-based models. The Travel Model Validation Report examines the reasonableness of CMAP's "trip-based" model results.  Modeling data, both inputs and outputs, are available on the CMAP Data Sharing Hub.  Current trip based data can be found under the group Current Regional Model Data.  Older data is also archived there under  the group named Archived Regional Model Data.

CMAP's Advanced Models

CMAP is also developing a set of advanced models under the "activity-based" modeling framework. This is a multi-year effort outlined in our Strategic Plan for Advanced Modeling at CMAP. Activity-Based Modeling is increasingly viewed as a superior method to better understand the socioeconomic determinants of travel choice and for evaluating modern transportation solutions. The research effort to implement advanced models for metropolitan planning is still comparatively young. Several progressive regional planning agencies nationwide have embarked on advanced model development programs and CMAP joins them in a commitment to improve the state-of-the-practice in travel modeling. To inquire about our advanced travel model work program, please contact us at

CMAP's Freight Models

The advanced model development efforts include improvements in CMAP's freight modeling capability.   This has taken place in a phased process.  Model documentation is available for Phase I, Phase II and Phase III.  


CMAP also hosts the monthly Chicago Area Travel Model User Group (CATMUG). If you are interested in learning more about research, development and applications in travel demand modeling, please join us. All are welcome.


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