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Chicago Area Travel Model User Group

CATMUG (Chicago Area Travel Model User Group) was formed in 1997 as a forum to share and discuss travel model research and application efforts among the Chicago area transportation planning community. CATMUG is a multidisciplinary group of over 100 members including engineers, planners, professors, and researchers. CATMUG normally meets at noon on the first Wednesday of each month at CMAP. It is coordinated by Nick Ferguson. Please contact him to be added to the e-mail distribution list.


Next Meeting

August 5, 2015

Topic – How Far We've Come: A 30-year retrospective on regional travel modeling and planning in Chicago

Presenter – Kermit Wies, CMAP

Abstract: Since 1985, I've worked on developing and applying regional travel demand models for CATS and CMAP.  As I wrap up my career at the Chicago MPO, I'd like to share what I think were the most significant highlights (along with only just a few setbacks) in using these tools to promote good planning and informed decision-making.

2015 Meetings

June 3, 2015

Topic FTA STOPS Transit Modeling: Chicago Regional Calibration

Presenter – Will Gillespie, RTA


April 8, 2015

TopicCMAP's experience with the National Performance Measurement Research Data Set (NPMRDS)

Presenters – Tom Murtha & Todd Schmidt, CMAP


2014 Meetings

November 5, 2014

Topic – Application of CMAP's Pricing Model for IL-53/120

Presenter – Matt Stratton, Parsons Brinckerhoff


October 1, 2014

TopicDevelopment of External Truck Trips for North Carolina MPOs

Presenter – Carlee Clymer, Parsons Brinckerhoff


August 6, 2014

Topic – The Development and Use of a Rail Freight Commodity Model for the Iowa DOT

Presenter – Ron Eash, Parsons Brinckerhoff


June 4, 2014

TopicVisualization and Analysis of Transportation-Specific Datasets

Presenter – Michael Hope, Argonne National Laboratory


May 7, 2014

Topic – Citilabs solutions on the Cloud – Benefits and workflows

Presenter – Mauricio Jaimes, Citilabs


April 2, 2014

TopicIntegrated Modeling of Higher Speed Passenger and Freight Train Operation Planning on a Shared-track Corridor

Presenter – Bo Zou, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago


2013 Meetings

November 6, 2013

Topic – High Speed Railroad Passenger Services: Ridership Projections for the Northeast Corridor of the United States

Presenter  David Boyce, Ph.D., Northwestern University


October 2, 2013

Topic  The Application of Transportation Modeling for USACE Flood Risk Management Projects

Presenters  David Bucaro & Bob Jarzemsky, US Army Corps of Engineers, Chicago District


September 1819, 2013

Topic  CMAP Advanced Modeling Peer Exchanges

Background material:



June 5, 2013

Topic  POLARIS: Planning- and Operations-modeling Language for Agent-based Regional Integrated Simulations

Presenters  Josh Auld, Hubert Ley, Michael Hope, and Vadim Sokolov, Argonne National Laboratory


April 3, 2013

Topic  Network Microsimulation Extension to CMAP's Activity-Based Travel Model

Presenters  Kermit Wies, Craig Heither, and Matt Stratton, CMAP


March 6, 2013

Topic  Reducing Energy Use in Multimodal Transportation System

Presenter  Lili Du, Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology


2012 Meetings

November 14, 2012

Topic – Enumeration of Households for Trip Generation

Presenter – Ron Eash, Parsons Brinckerhoff


October 3, 2012

Topic – The Weather Impact on Travel Behavior in Chicagoland

Presenter – Zhenyu Zhao, Northwestern University


August 31, 2012

Topic – CMAP Advanced Modeling Symposium



August 24, 2012

Topic – Pre-Symposium Webinar, CMAP Advanced Travel Modeling Symposium



June 6, 2012

Topic – A Two-Part Presentation: An Overview of the New American FactFinder and Census Data Sets Currently Available from CMAP

Presenters – Jon Hallas and Xiaohong Zhang, CMAP


April 4, 2012

Topic – Predicting Road Traffic Route Flows and Multi-Class Link Flows Uniquely for Urban Transportation Planning

Presenter – David Boyce, Ph.D., Northwestern University


March 7, 2012

Topic – Development, Calibration, and Application of Simulation-Based Dynamic Traffic Assignment to the Greater Chicago Network Using DYNASMART-P

Presenters – Ali Zockaie K. and Meead Saberi, Northwestern University


February 1, 2012

Topic – Vulnerability and Adaptation Options of European Transport Systems towards Weather Extremes – Intermediate Findings from the EU-Funded Research Project WEATHER

Presenter – Claus Doll, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI


2011 Meetings

October 5, 2011

Topic – CMAP's Activity-Based and Freight Models

Presenters – Matt Stratton and Kermit Wies, CMAP


September 7, 2011

Topic – Localized Application of Texas Transportation Institute's Cost of Congestion Methods

Presenter – Max Shmaltsuyev


July 6, 2011

Topic – Using Toll Plaza Transaction Data for Model Calibration

Presenter – Zubair Ghafoor, Wilbur Smith Associates


June 1, 2011

Topic – Validation of CMAP's 2010 Travel Demand Model Results

Presenter – Craig Heither, CMAP


May 4, 2011

Topic – Diverging Diamond Interchanges

Presenter – Xin Tian, Regina Webster & Associates


April 6, 2011

Topic – Evaluating the Economic Impact of Improvements in Freight Infrastructure: An Input-Output Approach

Presenter – Ethan Halpern-Givens, UIC


March 2, 2011

Topic – TCRP H-37: Characteristics of Premium Transit Services that Affect Choice of Mode

Presenter – Maren Outwater, Resource Systems Group


February 18, 2011
Symposium on Surveying Hard-To-Reach Populations with an emphasis on Latino Households

Topic – Presentation and panel discussion about conducting travel surveys among the Latino community in Chicago

Moderator – Kermit Wies, CMAP


February 11, 2011
Peer Exchange on Advanced Travel Models

Topic – Presentation and panel discussion about Pricing and Freight Models under development at CMAP

Moderator – Kermit Wies, CMAP


2010 Meetings

October 6, 2010

Topic – An Introduction to TRANSIMS: Core Components and New Developments

Presenter – Mike Hope, Argonne National Laboratory


September 1, 2010

Topic – CTA Rider/Non-Rider Behavior and Attitudes Survey

Presenter – Tara P. O'Malley, Market Research Coordinator, CTA


August 4, 2010

Topic – UIC's Vehicle Transaction Timing Model

Presenter – Taha Hossein Rashidi, UIC


June 2, 2010

Topic – Development of UIC's ADAPTS (Agent-based Dynamic Activity Planning and Travel Scheduling) Model

Presenter – Josh Auld, UIC


May 5, 2010

Topic – A Road Network Design Method Revisited: Expressway Spacing and Economic Evaluation

Presenter – David Boyce, Ph.D., Northwestern University

A paper on this subject, presented at a symposium in Germany in 2005, and published in 2007, can be found here.


April 12, 2010

Topic – Computing Environment for CMAP's Advanced Travel Model

Presenter – Peter Vovsha, Ph.D., Parsons Brinckerhoff


April 7, 2010

Topic – Arriving On Time? Finding Reliable Shortest Paths in a Stochastic Network

Presenter – Yu (Marco) Nie, Ph.D., Northwestern University


March 10, 2010

Topic – CMAP's Advanced Travel Model Cadre Project




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