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Local Ordinances and Toolkits

CMAP strives to develop resources that meet the needs of the 284 municipalities in our region.  In the summer of 2010, the agency conducted a municipal survey for the purpose of understanding where policies recommended in GO TO 2040 are being implemented.  That survey also gauged the interest of municipal staff members in learning more about specific policies, such as form based codes and water conservation ordinances.  Click here to see a presentation overview of how the agency has prioritized the development of model codes, ordinances and toolkits based on survey results.

CMAP's Local Ordinances and Toolkits Program strives to respond to that demand by developing resources that help municipalities to develop policies that support the goals of GO TO 2040.  Each year, CMAP staff will work with municipal officials and experts to deliver a series of guides that describe the process of implementing a specific municipal policy, from study to approval.  In conjunction with the Local Technical Assistance (LTA) program, the agency also expects to provide staff support to several municipalities implementing these policies in the coming years.

Local Ordinances and Toolkits Pages
ADA Transition Plans for Your Community
Arts and Culture Planning:  A Toolkit for Communities
Climate Adaptation Guidebook for Municipalities in the Chicago Region
Complete Streets Toolkit
Form-Based Codes: A Step-by-Step Guide for Communities
Homes for a Changing Region Toolkit
Immigrant Integration Toolkit
Model Water Conservation Ordinance
Municipal Strategies to Support Local Food
Parking Strategies to Support Livable Communities


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