GO TO 2040 Videos

Nov 15, 2017

GO TO 2040 Videos

CMAP has created a series of videos to highlight GO TO 2040.  All videos are embeddable through You Tube and can be downloaded from this website.  Please credit video usage to the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.

This GO TO 2040 video gives a general overview of the plan and is also on display at a Kiosk at the Field Museum.

Individuals can help implement GO TO 2040 in many ways, including small localized actions, coordination with others to form stronger coalitions, or providing broad based support to elected officials implementing the kind of principles emphasized in these pages. To highlight how the plan's themes and recommendations can shape our daily lives, a series of "Portraits" describes individuals from across the region who shared their personal stories and hopes for the future. Each portrait features a video, photos, and a short profile.  Learn how these residents from across the region are planning for our future.


GO TO 2040 Videos: Orlando Gomez

Orlando Gomez

At 14, Orlando Gomez faced a life-changing decision. Should he spend three hours commuting daily to a top-rated magnet high school? Or avoid the arduous trip and attend his local school despite a hostile environment that had touched two older brothers who preceded him there? To read more about Orlando, visit http://www.cmap/illinois.gov/orlando.


GO TO 2040 Videos: Jasmine Easter

Jasmine Easter

For most of us, farming is not an occupation we'd associate with Chicago's south side. But for 37-year-old Jasmine Easter, a small urban farm in the Englewood neighborhood was her leg up toward a better career. To read more about Jasmine, visit http://www.cmap.illinois.gov/jasmine.


GO TO 2040 Videos: Mike Abt

Mike Abt

When Mike Abt started recycling cardboard 20 years ago to help his family business become "more green," it wasn't just the eco-friendliness that appealed to him. To read more about Mike, visit http://www.cmap.illinois.gov/mike.


GO TO 2040 Videos: Cindi Swanson

Cindi Swanson

Grocery shopping, getting to work, and taking kids to school can be a hassle for anyone. But when 56-year-old Cindi Swanson lost her vision 15 years ago, she learned just how difficult these everyday tasks can be. To read more about Cindi, visit http://www. cmap.illinois.gov/cindi.


GO TO 2040 Videos: John Hatcher, Jr.

John Hatcher, Jr.

When 8-year-old John Hatcher, Jr. imagines the future, his first wish is for a clean world: "Then the sky can be blue, the grass can be green. There'd be no pollution, and people would care about each other. I'd really like a perfect world." To read more about John, visit http://www.cmap.illinois. gov/john.