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GO TO 2040

Metropolitan Chicago is one of the world's great economic centers, but we cannot afford to take our quality of life for granted. GO TO 2040 is the comprehensive regional plan to help the seven counties and 284 communities plan together for sustainable prosperity through mid-century and beyond.


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In October 2014, the GO TO 2040 comprehensive regional plan was updated in accordance with federal law. It addresses the requirements of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) that was signed into law in 2012. Due to GO TO 2040's long time horizon and positive impacts of plan implementation to date, the plan's themes and recommendations did not change as part of the update. 

All GO TO 2040 materials, including the plan update summary and its appendices, a full-length plan that is for policy experts, and a shorter plan that is for a broader audience, are accessible as PDFs. GO TO 2040 calls on local officials, businesses, and other stakeholder groups to implement recommendations that -- while very specific -- have broad implications for residents' daily lives. To illustrate that point, CMAP has also created a series of portraits describing residents whose stories help to bring the plan to life.

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Livable Communities

This theme addresses diverse factors that together shape quality of life in terms of "livability" -- what attracts people to a particular community. The chapter on Livable Communities includes four sections of recommended actions: MORE

  1. Achieve Greater Livability through Land Use and Housing
  2. Manage and Conserve Water and Energy Resources
  3. Expand and Improve Parks and Open Space
  4. Promote Sustainable Local Food

Human Capital

This theme addresses factors that determine whether our region's economy will thrive due to the availability of skilled workers and a climate in which commercial creativity can flourish. The chapter on Human Capital includes two areas of recommended actions: MORE

  1. Improve Education and Workforce Development
  2. Support Economic Innovation

Efficient Governance

This theme addresses the need for increased effectiveness of governments in the region and beyond, which is important to meet residents' needs regarding accountability and transparency. The chapter on Efficient Governance includes three sections of recommended actions: MORE

  1. Reform State and Local Tax Policy
  2. Improve Access to Information
  3. Pursue Coordinated Investments

Regional Mobility

This theme addresses the vitality of our region's transportation system, which is crucial for economic prosperity and overall quality of life.  The chapter on Regional Mobility includes the following sections of recommended actions: MORE

This chapter also includes descriptions of major capital projects that have been carefully selected to help achieve the GO TO 2040 Regional Vision.

  1. Invest Strategically in Transportation
  2. Increase Commitment to Public Transit
  3. Create a More Efficient Freight Network
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