ON TO 2050 Comprehensive Regional Plan

ON TO 2050 Comprehensive Regional Plan

CMAP is developing the region’s next comprehensive plan, ON TO 2050, scheduled for adoption in October 2018. As with the prior GO TO 2040 plan, it is a highly transparent and collaborative effort involving partners and stakeholders from across the seven counties and 284 communities of northeastern Illinois. 

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The draft plan will be issued for public comment in June 2018, after which it is scheduled for adoption in October 2018.

This page includes information and links to learn more about ON TO 2050's development process through materials that are complete, underway, or scheduled.  To weigh in or get involved, contact us at ONTO2050@cmap.illinois.gov

ON TO 2050 Plan Preview

The ON TO 2050 Plan Preview was adopted in October 2017 following public comment and engagement the prior summer.  The report organizes strategic recommendations across three overarching principles: Resilience, Inclusive Growth, and Prioritized Investment. 


Snapshot Reports and Strategy Papers

ON TO 2050 snapshot reports are brief, data-driven summaries of regional trends and current conditions, while longer strategy papers develop the agency's direction on new topics or explore refinements to existing GO TO 2040 recommendations. These reports will continue to be released through early 2018.

Socioeconomic Forecast

The ON TO 2050 socioeconomic forecast helps CMAP to estimate the characteristics of the seven-county Chicago metropolitan region's population and employment in 2050. It forecasts estimated age distribution, race/ethnicity, household size, and similar factors for the region's residents, as well projecting employment trends by sector. 


Alternative Futures public engagement

Read a summary of the Alternative Futures engagement phase (April-August 2017), during which CMAP connected with more than 2,500 residents in 127 workshops and five topical forums, with another 61,000 providing input via interactive kiosks. Capping off these activities was a speech to the City Club of Chicago by CMAP executive director Joe Szabo. 

Photo of ON TO 2050 kiosk

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Emerging Priorities

Following the initial research and engagement phase of the plan's development that began in February 2016, CMAP issued an Emerging Priorities for ON TO 2050 report that was adopted in October 2016.