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ON TO 2050

Read about anticipated recommendations
in the Plan Preview report.

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Questions or comments? Contact Kristin Ihnchak or Elizabeth Schuh.

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In recent months, residents of our seven counties and 284 municipalities have weighed in about how the metropolitan Chicago region could -- or should -- change in decades to come. Along with extensive research and analysis, that broad engagement period helped to inform a the ON TO 2050 Plan Preview report. Organized according to the overarching principles of Resilience, Inclusive Growth, and Prioritized Investment, it describes anticipated plan recommendations across CMAP's core areas of regional economy, land use, natural systems, governance, and mobility.   

ON TO 2050 Plan Development

CMAP is developing the region's next comprehensive plan, ON TO 2050, scheduled for adoption in October 2018.  As with GO TO 2040, this is a highly transparent and collaborative effort involving partners and stakeholders from across the seven counties and 284 communities of northeastern Illinois. This page includes information and links to learn more about ON TO 2050's development process through materials that are complete, underway, or scheduled.

Alternative Futures (2017)

Read a summary of the Alternative Futures engagement phase, during which CMAP connected with more than 2,500 residents in 127 workshops and five topical forums, with another 61,000 via interactive kiosks. Capping off that engagement phase was a speech to the City Club of Chicago by CMAP executive director Joe Szabo.

Emerging Priorities report (2016)

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In October 2016, CMAP released the Emerging Priorities for ON TO 2050 report to identify key regional objectives based on initial analysis and public engagement that began with a public launch earlier that year. 

Snapshots and Strategy Papers (2016-18)

ON TO 2050 snapshot reports are brief, data-driven summaries of regional trends and current conditions, while longer strategy papers develop the agency's direction on new topics or explore refinements to existing GO TO 2040 recommendations. These reports will continue to be released through early 2018.

Alternative Futures public engagement (Summer 2017)

Alternative Futures Forum
From April through August 2017, CMAP is conducting intensive public engagement around five Alternative Futures that could shape our region for decades to come: Changed Climate, Walkable Communities, Innovative Transportation, Constrained Resources, and Transformed Economy. Residents can comment via interactive kiosks, public workshops, online surveys, videos, forums, or using #2050BigIdeas on Twitter or Facebook. Staff will carefully consider all feedback while drafting the ON TO 2050 plan. 

ON TO 2050 Preview Report (Summer 2017)

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Preview Report on anticipated ON TO 2050 recommendations was available for public comment earlier this summer. The report organizes strategies across three overarching principles: 
  • Resilience: A strong region requires communities, infrastructure, and systems that are able to thrive in the face of uncertain future economic, fiscal, and environmental shifts.
  • Inclusive growth: Long-term regional economic prosperity requires increased economic opportunity and improved quality of life for all residents.
  • Prioritized investment: Achieving regional goals in an era of limited resources requires coordinated prioritization of investments across sectors, including infrastructure, land use, and our economy. 
Read the draft preview report and submit comments to CMAP will incorporate feedback and release the final version in October 2017. 

Draft ON TO 2050 plan (June 2018)

Based on three years of research, analysis, and public engagement, the draft ON TO 2050 plan will be released for comment in June 2018. 
As the plan's adoption nears, come back for details about a launch event to celebrate the release of ON TO 2050. 

Final ON TO 2050 plan (October 2018)

Following review by other CMAP committees, the ON TO 2050 plan will be submitted to the CMAP board and MPO Policy Committee for adoption in October 2018. While the plan will exist primarily as an interactive website to facilitate implementation, it will also be available in print.  

Get involved

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Continual input by stakeholder organizations and individuals has been vital to the development and implementation of GO TO 2040. From now through October 2018 and beyond, ON TO 2050 will continue building on that participatory process, which is key to our region's success in defining and achieving its long-term goals. Please take every opportunity to join the discussion online and in public meetings.  To arrange a workshop for your organization or community, contact us at
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