A New Water Conservation Code for Orland Park

Jul 26, 2013

A New Water Conservation Code for Orland Park

Update: On June 4, 2012, the Village of Orland Park Board of Trustees reviewed the final draft report for the Orland Park Water Conservation Program.

The Village of Orland Park continues in its leadership role in environmentally sustainable practices.  As part of the implementation of Water 2050 and through the LTA program, CMAP and the Village of Orland Park partnered to incorporate elements from the 2010 CMAP Model Water Use Conservation Ordinance into existing ordinances and regulations.  This 8-month process was conducted with the assistance of a Steering Committee from Village Staff and community stakeholders and was overseen by the Plan Commission and the Development Services Committee.  Comments and input from the public were solicited during two Open Houses on February and March 2012 and during the several commission and committee meetings.  The Village of Orland Park is one of the first communities in northeastern Illinois to demonstrate leadership in increased water conservation practices by considering the incorporation of ordinances and programs.

The Village of Orland Park plays a leading role in environmentally sustainable practices and initiatives.  It boasts the nation's first LEED Gold Certified police station headquarters, as well as many organizations, agencies, and individuals committed to sustainable economic development cognizant of human and environmental needs.  The Village recognizes these businesses and individuals through various initiatives such as Smart Business Orland Park, Residential Rewards programs, and the Green Tent Challenge. In 2009, the Village created the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Municipal Action Plan (ECOMAP) to reduce the amount of energy used by municipal operations.

A key goal of ECOMAP is to educate and provide information to major water consumers on water conservation. Now, the Village has partnered with CMAP's Local Technical Assistance (LTA) program to tailor the 2010 CMAP Model Water Use Conservation Ordinance and use recommendations from the Water 2050 and GO TO 2040 plans to emphasize water conservation and efficiency through Orland Park's codes and programs. Through the Orland Park Water Conservation Code, ordinance language for increased water conservation practices will be recommended for inclusion in a unified Water Resources Chapter for the Land Development Code to be presented to the Village Board for consideration.

The process will include three phases. The first phase includes an analysis of the village's current water use, existing ordinance, and efficiency programs as well as gathering initial public input regarding water conservation issues. During phase two, draft recommendations will be generated and put forward for public review and comment. Once finalized, the third phase will begin with review of the ordinance by the Plan Commission, Development Services and Planning Committee, and the Village Board.

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