Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights Comprehensive Plan

Update: This project was completed in September 2014. 

In 2012, Prospect Heights applied to CMAP to update the Village's Comprehensive Land Use Plan with a focus on transportation.  The City is keenly interested in establishing an effective sidewalk network and wants to use the update of the plan to identify gaps and offer strategies to maximize walkability. The City is in the second phase of roadway improvements made possible by the passing of a referendum in 2010 that allowed $15 million for road and drainage improvements. The proposed update to the plan will provide a definitive direction on the City's requirements for zoning and transportation upgrades, specifically maximization of the usage and accessibility of the Metra station, the bus service and the Chicago Executive Airport. The update to the plan will explore development scenarios for the "Arena Land" parcel and will examine redevelopment of the Palwaukee Shopping Center and along Rand Road.

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News Coverage

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