Learn about our region’s transportation infrastructure investment needs

Learn about our region’s transportation infrastructure investment needs

With investment, we can have the transportation system we want and need
The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning’s (CMAP) ON TO 2050 plan highlights the urgent need to secure sustainable, sufficient revenues for our transportation system. The public deserves a safe and reliable transportation system. As North America’s freight nexus, our region’s transportation network has long been our strategic advantage. Yet from roads to transit, the system is in dire need of repair. Investing in it will provide residents with more options and reliability to get where they are going, and move goods more efficiently and safely through the region.

This page includes resources illustrating deficiencies in our current revenues, principles for sustainable transportation funding, ON TO 2050’s revenue proposals, and other relevant resources.

Understanding the challenge and potential solutions
State and federal revenues are stagnating while costs are increasing. To guide ongoing discussions about a state capital plan and potential revenue sources, the CMAP board adopted principles for sustainable transportation funding:

  • We need a long-term solution that can adapt to emerging trends.
  • Costs should be paid by those who derive the most benefit from the system.
  • Revenue sources should consider the ability of users to pay.
  • Using performance-based criteria to select what is funded results in the very best projects being chosen regardless of mode.

ON TO 2050 recommends fully funding the region's transportation system with a variety of reliable sources over the long-term:

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